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We kindly ask you to transmit only information in which you can say in good faith that they are correct. For information on privacy, please refer to the Privacy Statement..

Why an Ombudsman?

Employees and business partners, as well as other third parties who wish to report a breach of laws or compliance guidelines, have the opportunity to communicate their indications confidently and - if desired - anonymously to an Ombudsman or Lawyer of Trust. The use is free of charge.

As long as you do not enter any data that allows conclusions to be made to your person, the procedure ensures adequate protection of your anonymity. The information provided is strictly confidential. The Ombudsman or Lawyer of Trust is always independent and is not subject to any instructions by the company.

Furthermore, the whistleblower is protected by not tolerating any retaliation against him/her, unless a wrong report was made intentionally.

What’s the process?

If you want to make a report by name or anonymously, please fill out the following form. Please bear in mind that a report may have consequences for employees, business partners and other stakeholders. First of all, you are asked to read information about the protection of your anonymity and to choose your confidentiality.

Write your note in your own words. You can also add a file, e.g. a photo, as an appendix. Please remember that your information may allow to draw conclusions about your person.

As long as you do not enter any data that allows conclusions about your person, this website guarantees a technical protection of your anonymity. We assure you that we are only interested in the information you provide.

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