Creating confidence

Apart from prevention, THIEL VON HERFF LAWYERS support companies in the discovery of internal regulations abuses and look after the safeguarding and retrieval of assets.

We have a broad spectrum of legal expertises and provide interfaces to all subjects of law. Furthermore we offer our clients comprehensive crisis management including the coordination of public relations.

Dr. Thiel von Herff is one of the most experienced compliance experts. He has outstanding expertise in counselling companies and executives on all questions of business law and compliance. Numerous well-known companies – from classic mid-sized companies to DAX 30 groups – rely on our many years of practical experience, which is unique in this field.

Ombudsman Dr. Thiel von Herff

Dr. Thiel von Herff has been appointed as Ombudsman by well-known companies. Integrity and trust play a major role in this process, and that is exactly what an ombudsman stands for. With his experience Dr. Thiel von Herff can accurately assess the information he receives and then quickly and competently mediate between the company and the reporter.

This is how conflict situations are resolved, and pressure is taken off the company’s own resources.The ombudsman is always working as an independent lawyer and is not subject to any instructions by the company that has appointed him. Informers can communicate with him free of charge and also anonymously.
Since lawyers are bound to professional secrecy and have the right of refusal to testify, and also due to additional contractual obligations, there is assurance that the identity of informers is protected and that their names are not revealed.

Information is passed on to the company only with the informer’s express permission. Appointing Dr. Thiel von Herff as ombudsman is a simple and efficient opportunity for companies to obtain early knowledge about critical events and to prevent damage from the company and its employees.

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